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Our Strategy

BCP acquires non-control equity interests in leading mid-market private market sponsors


Private Markets Business Model


Established sponsors with recurring revenue business model​


Strong fee-related earnings and additional performance-related income



Private markets AUM forecasted to double by 2026

Compelling Target GP Stake Investment Characteristics

Elevated Yield

Current distributions of profits to equity partners

Capital Appreciation

Strong anticipated earnings growth and multiple accretion

Strong Downside Protection

Stable business model reduces downside risk


Middle Market Focus

Growth Characteristics

Scalable core products and potential for new product launch

Strategic Rationale

Mid-market sponsors focused on strategic partnerships

Competitive Dynamics

Less committed capital pursuing larger opportunity set



BCP Capabilities

Strong Track Record

Investments with eleven exceptional sponsors to-date

Synergies with P10 Affiliates

P10 affiliation provides access, insight, and global reach to support investment activity

Differentiated Strategic Development Approach

BCP seeks to support long-term growth and development initiatives

1. Source: 2022 Preqin Global Private Equity Report. 2. Source: Preqin, Bonaccord Capital Partners.

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