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BCP has formed partnerships with attractive mid-market private markets sponsors across its three targeted strategies:

  • Private equity

  • Private credit

  • Real estate and real assets


Each of these strategies shares BCP’s targeted financial and growth characteristics, while providing diversification in terms of macro exposures to market performance and investor appetite.

GP Stakes

BCP targets partnerships with sponsors featuring:

  • Differentiated investment capabilities

  • Strong growth characteristics

  • Attractive financial characteristics

  • Stable partnership dynamics

Investment Criteria

GP Stakes

BCP Partner Firms


Headquarters: Boca Raton, FL

Founded: 1998

Strategy: Private Equity

Strategy focus: Sector specialist focused on defense and government services, commercial aerospace, specialty industrial, space, business aviation, and power and utility services

AUM:  $5.1B


AE Industrial Logo

AE Industrial Partners

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

Founded: 1991

Strategy: Private Equity

Strategy focus: Sector specialist focused on industrial and business services, industrial technology, software and tech-enabled services markets

AUM:  $5B


Aurora Capital Partners

Aurora Capital Partners Logo

Headquarters: Baton Rouge, LA

Founded: 2013

Strategy: Real Estate and Real Assets

Strategy focus: Infrastructure services private equity and direct infrastructure

AUM:  $3.0B


Bernhard Capital Partners


Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Founded: 2004

Strategy: Private Credit

Strategy focus: Middle market and lower middle market direct lending

AUM:  $14.1B


Monroe Capital Partners

Monroe Capital Logo

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA

Founded: 2007

Strategy: Private Equity

Strategy focus: Lower middle market buyout focused on the Southeastern United States

Total Capital Raised: $2.2B


MSouth Equity Partners Logo

MSouth Equity Partners

Headquarters: London, UK

Founded: 2004

Strategy: Private Credit

Strategy focus: Diversified middle and upper middle market credit

AUM:  $12.2B


Park Square Logo

Park Square Capital

Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Founded: 1979

Strategy: Private Credit

Strategy focus: Upper middle market junior debt

AUM:  C$2.7B


Penfund Capital

Penfund Logo

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Founded: 2001

Strategy: Real Estate and Real Estate Assets

Strategy focus: Opportunistic, value-add real estate focused on office properties

AUM  $4.2B


Spear Street Capital

Spear Street Capital Logo

Headquarters: Coral Gables, FL

Founded: 1981

Strategy: Private Equity

Strategy focus: Lower middle market capital for founder and family-owned businesses

AUM:  $2.3B


Trivest Partners

Trivest Logo

Shamrock Capital

Shamrock Capital Logo.png

Headquarters: Los Angeles, California

Founded: 1978

Strategy: Private Equity

Strategy focus: Private Equity & Content Ownership/Financing

AUM:  $3.8B


VMG Partners


Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Founded: 2005

Strategy: Private Equity

Strategy focus: Middle-market branded consumer products specialist

AUM:  $2.2B


1. AUM figures as of September 30, 2022, excluding Park Square (figure as of December 31, 2022). The AUM listed here for AE Industrial Partners, Aurora Capital Partners, Bernhard Capital Partners, Monroe Capital, Park Square Capital, Penfund Capital, Spear Street Capital, Shamrock Capital, and Trivest Partners is the "Regulatory AUM" as defined by the United States Securities Exchange Commission. The VMG figure represents the sponsors' fee-paying AUM.

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